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What’s greater than finding your friend a great opportunity? Getting a bonus too!

Do you know someone who has exactly the kind of intelligence, drive, and ‘can-do’ spirit it takes to be successful with this money making opportunity.

Refer a friend using the form provided here. They'll soon see, there's no place greater than EasyDrugCard to use their talents to make their community, their lives, and the world a better place.

Make a successful referral and receive a $25 referral bonus!

* Referrals should be submitted online using the form above however the new affiliate must identify you with your Group ID during the sign up process only for you to receive a referral bonus.

Disclosures: This discount plan is NOT insurance or a Medicare prescription drug plan. Members are obligated to pay 100% of the prescription cost to the pharmacy at the point of sale and the plan does not pay pharmacies for prescription drugs provided to members. The plan provides prescription drug discounts to members at participating pharmacies only. Drug prices fluctuate frequently and the plan's pricing tool is for informational purposes only. No enrollment or periodic fees apply for drug card program.

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